2016 Lager Competition Results

The 2016 version of the club’s lager comp was a bit of a shit-show with my lack of organization and three unlabeled beers but the best beers shone through despite my failings! Jesse Bowers submitted a beautiful bohemian pilsner that garnered three total 1st place wins. Super clear and super hoppy it was a pleasure to drink. David Disney’s Dunkel was substantial and malty and had two 1st place votes. Joe Edidin’s Vienna was toasty without being roasty, a difficult balance, and also had two 1st place votes.

Thanks for everyone that submitted beers and for everyone that showed up and participated. Here are the top three recipes.

Bowers Bo Pils

Pale, super clear, with a boatload of late hops.
85% pilsner
15% vienna
1.046 SG
22 ibu (tinseth)
Mittlefruh at 15, 10, 5, and whirlpool

Disney’s Dunkel

93% Dark Munich (Weyermann II)
4% Melanoidin Malt
3% Carafa II Special
Mash @ 154
1.049 SG
40g Tettnang 4.7% @ 60
21 IBU
WLP833 Bock Yeast

Edidin Vienna

OG: 1.050
5 gallon batch
44% Briess Pilsen
30% Weyermann Vienna
20% Weyermann Munich II
5% Weyermann Melanoidin
1% Briess Blackbrinz

.5 oz 13.2% AA German Magnum @ 60 (targeting ~25 IBUs Tinseth)
.5 oz 2.0% AA Hersbrucker @ 10

WLP830 – 2 packs in a 2L 1.038 starter at 68F for 36 hours (last 8-10 hours off the stir plate to settle)

Mash at 150F
90 minute boil
Ferment @ 50F for ~5-6 days then allow to free rise to 55F, where it is held for an additional 6 days.
My indicator to know when to raise the temperature is when the krausen drops below 50% of its high point.
Slowly drop to 39 and allow to settle for a day or two.
Keg, carb, and condition (the beer at the comp had been in the keg for 4 weeks)
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