Jam 2015 Info

Thursday October 15 at 6 PM — Pretzel Jam at Everything Mushrooms (1004 Sevier Avenue). Bring home brew to share. Club will order pizza. This is where you get your shirt and Jam pass.
Friday October 16 at 3 PM — Beer receiving, beer drinking, and general hang out time at the World’s Fair site. Bring some homebrew, a lawn chair, and other amusements. Bring your beer for the Jam. We stick around until 7ish to receive beer from the brewers bringing their own. After that, we’re invited to the brewer’s party on the 5th floor of Downtown Grill and Brewery.
Saturday October 17 — Morning shift need to be there by 10 AM, 9 AM if you can. Afternoon shift starts at 2 PM. Please be willing to help out with what you can do when someone asks. The period from 10 AM until 1 PM (when gates open) is the busiest.
If you are not able to attend the Pretzel Jam, it is up to you to figure out when and where to get your shirt and Jam pass. Friday afternoon is the next best time/place. Saturday is hectic. If you can’t be there Thursday or Friday, let me or Stevo know. We might do a specific time and place on Saturday morning. Very early on Saturday, no one is checking for wristbands, but by 11 AM you can’t get in the gate without one.