NEW Club Series – How’m I Cloning

It is with great pleasure that we get to announce the newest TVH brewing series, How’m I Cloning. The name is an obvious play on the How’m I Brewing series. That’s where all participants brew a particular set of ingredients or to a particular beer style. This new project takes it to the next level.

For each How’m I Cloning project we will select a beer from one of our many local breweries and the task will be to clone that beer. We will then gather with all the entries at the brewery where a winner will be selected. The brewers from that brewery will be involved in the selection process too.
The winning brewer will earn themselves a prize pack from the brewery and a customized trophy from TVH, plus all the glory that comes with being the inaugural HIC Champion.
For our first HIC we have selected Goat Hill by Blackberry Farm Brewery. It is a 5% Kolsch style ale (sorta), but the BFB’s own description doesn’t mention the word Kolsch. This is a sneakily tricky and nuanced target, and that’s the point of the series.
The tasting date will be the weekend of May 6th. The specific day/time will be finalized in the weeks to come. That’s over 3 months away, so you should have plenty of time to taste, plan and execute your best Goat Hill clone.
I’ll see you all at the tasting!
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