Oktoberfest Showdown Results

Four competitors (David Disney, Daniel Hillesheim, John Mecklenborg, John Peed, Micah Sweeney) brought 8 beers to the Casual Pint in Fountain City last night. We tried a new crazy scheme for “judging” that was a little hit or miss. I appreciate the feedback on the method, and hope to incorporate it into future events.

Congratulations to John for winning! You can see the attached data.Lager-Off-report

While we were there the owner Steve offered a lot of support for the club in using his location as a spot for future events. He was very excited about the possibilities and even made a few awesome suggestions. I’m hoping we can use his site for the Teach a Friend to Homebrew day activities on the first Saturday in November (11/1/14).

Competition Update

TVHB members have been very busy lately racking up some competition wins! Click the links to see what your fellow club members have been up to. Make sure to ask these guys how they do it! We would love to see more members participating in competitions.

http://tnstatefair.org/tasteoftn/ – Homebrew-Show-Results(archive)

http://blackforest.brewcompetition.com/ – Black Forest Brewoff 2014

http://maltsters.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Blue_Ridge_Brew_Off_2014-results.pdf – Blue_Ridge_Brew_Off_2014-results