HIB 7: Variations due to Specialty Malts

Drew May is leading the latest project in the How’m I Brewin’ series.  This goal of this project is to study the effects of various specialty malts.

TVH picked up approximately half the cost of the ingredients for this project; the cost to participants was $15 each.

Two tastings are scheduled; the first is Thursday, Dec. 18th at Casual Pint in Maryville: 721 Watkins Rd, Maryville, TN 37801

Participants & recipes:

              David Disney                Drew May                Jon Poplawsky
              Stevo dixon               Joe Edidin                Daniel Hillesheim
              Todd Zachary               Brent Shannon                John Peed
              Tom Brandeis               Jeremy Langford               Greg Warren
              Steve Dedman               Mike Caylor               John Mecklenborg
              Variation A               Variation B               Variation C
       83% Maris Otter        83% Maris Otter        81% Maris Otter
          2.8% Caramunich II           5.5% Caramunich II           4.5% Caramunich II
          2.1% Baird Dark Crystal           4.1% Baird Dark Crystal           2.7% Baird Dark Crystal
          5.5% Victory           2.8% Victory           3.6% Victory
          4.1% Special Roast           2.1% Special Roast           3.6% Special Roast
          1.2% Munton’s Chocolate           1.2% Munton’s Chocolate           3.0% Munton’s Chocolate
          1.2% Fawcett Pale Chocolate           1.2% Fawcett Pale Chocolate           1.5% Fawcett Pale Chocolate
                                                                       1.25 oz. Goldings 5.5%, 60 mins
                                                                       0.50 oz. Goldings 5.5%, 5 mins
                                                                       WLP013 London Ale