About TVH

For a more detailed history of the club, please see “A Brief and Incomplete History of the Tennessee Valley Homebrewers: Knoxville’s own homebrew club” by John Bolt.

Steering Committee

The club is led by the Steering Committee, a group of volunteers that meet semi-regularly to plan club activities and generally keeping things from falling apart. The only formal position on the committee is that of Treasurer, held in perpetuity by John Peed.

The current Steering committee (as of 2020) consists of: Joe Edidin, John Peed, Paul Hethmon, Micah Sweeney, Stephen Alred, Scott Boyd, and Wayne Colbenson.


Our primary method of communication is via email (limited to members only), but anyone can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. General inquires can be sent to tvhbrew AT gmail DOT com.

Member Directory

The Member Directory can be found here, providing a handy reference of photos and email contacts for all club members. Access is restricted to members only (password required for entry).