The Brew Stick

I wanted to share a simple device that is useful for temporarily securing transfer hoses while brewing. It is easy to make, and could be helpful in many setups.
The device is a nominal 1” x 2” x 24” piece of white oak drilled with three ½” holes. The hole at the top end has been sawed out to accommodate a hose with a quick connect fitting. All three holes securely hold a ½” silicone transfer hose. The stick is clamped to the top rim of the boil kettle or the HLT, or bungeed to a fermenter as needed.
My system is an electric RIMS based on a Blichmann’s RIMS Rocket, Boil Coil, and controller. Fluids are moved by two pumps, and flow is controlled by a combination of valves ( one 3-way) and changing silicon hose connections.
Here are photos that show the stick and some of its uses:
Brewing Stick-Heat mash water
First is heating mash water. Water is pumped through a RIMS Rocket that is controlled by a Blichmann controller.
Brewing Stick- Fill fermenter
Second is filling a fermenter, stick bungeed to the fermenter.
Brewing Stick-Whirlpool
Third is whirlpooling. This application uses one of the lower holes and requires a hose with a bare end.