HIB 12: Return of the Extract

Hey Crew, it’s time for another How I’m Brewin’! This time we’re going to throw a loop to those dedicated all-grain brewers. We’re going back to a kit in a box. That’s right, extract baby. We’re also going to make you submit the beer you brew into the TVH Club competition where it will be judged against all the other HIBers.

If you are new, or have forgotten, HIB is the generic term we use for club sponsored brews! HIB started as a way for everyone to brew the same beer and get feedback on it so you can improve your brewing and compare your results to “identical” beers. Since then we’ve done all sorts of cool projects under the HIB banner, including barrel projects and water modification tests. The club will subsidize a portion of the ingredients in exchange for a growler or two to be shared with the club as whole for evaluation. These evaluations usually happen at a Casual Pint around a big table.

Some deviation between brewers will be normal based on brew setup and process. For example, if you want to go with RO water and brewing salts, I don’t see a problem with that. If you want to swap out the yeast for a liquid equivalent or you want to swap the LME for a mash, that would not be in the spirit of the HIB, in my opinion.

Contact Daniel if you want to join the brew!